President’s Greeting

Dear friends,

In a few months I will celebrate 33 years of a successive personal course.

Our company’s history starts in 1981 as an accounting office I created in Karystos. Today, 32 years later, ARTION Group of companies employs more than 100 executives and holds a wide variety clientele from all sectors of Greek entrepreneurship.

All these years, putting quality of service at the forefront, I constantly try to communicate to my colleagues, my passion and love for what we offer.

I feel really proud for ARTION’s people, with whom together, we move towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our vision, walking the pathway set by our values.

In today’s turbulent times for the Greek economy, ARTION having established a robust foundation based on experience and knowledge, will be the best ally in the company’s effort for survival and prosperity.

Sincerely Yours

George Dalianis