Tax Services

The valid and convenient tax information is becoming a potent business advantage in an era of radical changes in the tax legislation. The tax consultant department of ARTION, utilizing the large number of experienced executives that has, achieves the immediate encoding of any changes, thus providing high quality services.

Focusing on the specifics of each company and each taxpayer, we develop a comprehensive tax plan, fully in line with current tax legislation.

“Η εναρμόνιση επιχειρήσεων σε αλλαγές της φορολογικής και εργασιακής νομοθεσίας δεν αποτελεί μία τυπική διαδικασία, αλλά προτεραιότητά μας”

Βασικές Παροχές

  • Tax consulting support of firms and tax legislation compliance control according to sector
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Handling taxation of real estate business
  • Support in case of tax audits and settlement of tax issues
  • Tax benefits’ exploitation emerging from developmental laws
  • Special tax matters of individuals
  • Transfer Pricing, preparation and updating of documentation files
  • Organizing seminars on tax matters and training the staff of our clients in accounting departments

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