1981: ARTION’s president, Mr. George Dalianis opens the first accounting office in Karystos.

1994: Karystos’ accounting office is being transferred to Athens.

1995: ARTION S.A. is founded. Reinforcing the presence of his office and having developed an efficient number of partners, Mr. George Dalianis officially founds ARTION S.A.

2000: Transfer of ARTION’s offices in its first privately owned building in Mesogeion 452.

2002: Opening of 3 new branch offices in the following areas: 1. Egaleo 2. Psichico 3. Agios Dimitrios

2005: Opening of ARTION’s 4th branch office in Nea Ionia.

2006: ARTION expands its business in the Business Consultancy field.

2008: Transfer in the new buildings of ARTION in Marousi, Pournara 9.

2010: Today, 15 years after ARTION’s official foundation, ARTION Group of companies has a powerful presence in the Accounting, Taxing and Consultancy fields.

2011: 30 years after the opening of ARTION’s first accounting office in Karystos.