Chairman’s Message – Company History

Dear friends,

Our company’s history starts in 1981 as an accounting office I created in Karystos. Today, 32 years later, ARTION Group of companies employs more than 100 executives and holds a wide variety clientele from all sectors of Greek entrepreneurship.

All these years, putting quality of service at the forefront, I constantly try to communicate to my colleagues, my passion and love for what we offer.

I feel really proud for ARTION’s people, with whom together, we move towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our vision, walking the pathway set by our values.

In today’s turbulent times for the Greek economy, ARTION having established a robust foundation based on experience and knowledge, will be the best ally in the company’s effort for survival and prosperity.

Sincerely Yours

George Dalianis

Company Timeline

  • 1981

    ARTION’s president, Mr. George Dalianis opens the first accounting office in Karystos.

  • 1994

    Karystos’ accounting office is being transferred to Athens.

  • 1995

    ARTION S.A. is founded. Reinforcing the presence of his office and having developed an efficient number of partners, Mr. George Dalianis officially founds ARTION S.A.

  • 2000

    Transfer of ARTION’s offices in its first privately owned building in Mesogeion 452.

  • 2002

    Opening of 3 new branch offices in the following areas: 1. Egaleo 2. Psichico 3. Agios Dimitrios

  • 2005

    Opening of ARTION’s 4th branch office in Nea Ionia.

  • 2006

    ARTION expands its business in the Business Consultancy field.

  • 2008

    Transfer in the new buildings of ARTION in Marousi, Pournara 9.

  • 2010

    15 years after ARTION’s official foundation, ARTION Group of companies has a powerful presence in the Accounting, Taxing and Consultancy fields

  • 2011

    30 years after the opening of ARTION’s first accounting office in Karystos.

  • 2012

    Η δημιουργία ενός ενισχυμένου εταιρικού σχήματος σε οικονομικό, επιχειρηματικό και διοικητικό επίπεδο, που απορρέει από την συγχώνευση 5 θυγατρικών εταιριών

  • 2014

    Ένταξη της ARTION στο Παγκόσμιο Δίκτυο της Leading Edge Alliance global

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